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Hello. Here comes April!! I hope everything goes well with you!!

So sorry I posted in Fcebook last month only Japanese. Actually that was about Crowdfunding. It's like kick starter or like indigogo… have you ever heard them?

Every year, I go to back to Japan in order to make seminar of my speeches and performance in schools. Mainly I'm going to speak to elementary school kids, but not only kids, but also children and adults.

Don't you think you should have known? I do. I learned so many things after come to NY. But if I knew at the time, maybe the life was different.

I can't say when "the time" but I don't think everyone knows his own real dream of life. Of course I'm still looking for it, too. But I enjoy my life so much right now. So I want to share my experience here to other people especially with children. A child doesn't understand? Because of the age?

We can't be so certain. And it's not really true. Even so many adults complain about their own life.

So I decided to speak out. Still l'm learning, but life never ends. So I started this project.

Your kind contribution is going to be used for touring transportation all over Japan and accommodation costs. Because I won't be able work in the US during my stay in Japan. I'm risking some jobs. Even though, I have a strong feeling that I have to accomplish this project.

I know this website is in only Japanese, so I made English version, too. As I take a major step toward my great goal, I think it makes sense to manifest in the form of “crowd funding.

I don't think that this is a dream for only me to fulfill. I think it is a dream to be shared and be fulfilled together with other people by receiving support little by little.

Please give me your support! Strangthen my power!
Thank you so much as always and have a great day!

Student Level

On Student Level pledge, you will get Thank you letter from Toshihiko
sent from New York and Toshihiko's original postcard.
And your name will be displayed in Special Thanks page on this website!

Donation for Toshi's Japan Tour - $30.00

Message :

Teacher Level

You will get my original performance DVD with my autograph!!
And also I will upload special youtube video mentioning your name very loud!!!

Donation for Toshi's Japan Tour - $100.00

Message :

Head of the Departments Level

Addtion to Thank you card, original postcard, special performance DVD with my autograph and youtube vide,
you will get Toshihiko original face towel!!!!!
And more special benefits such as free invitation to my upcoming events and seminars!!!!!

Donation for Toshi's Japan Tour - $300.00

Message :

Deputy Dean of the School Level

You wil get original Toshihiko T-shirt!!!!!!
And you will have special one-on-one 0consulting with me about dance, dream and education via skype!!!!!

Donation for Toshi's Japan Tour - $500.00

Message :

Dean of the School Level

Addition to all above,
I will go anywhere (possible) for you to do seminar and performance!!!!!!!!!
(Fee for accommodation and transportation should be discussed.)

Donation for Toshi's Japan Tour - $1,000.00

Message :

Charity Box

You will get my air hug with or without this charity pledge! Thanks!!!

Donation for Toshi's Japan Tour - $3.00

Message :
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