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toshihikonakazawa.com and toshi-ny.com has registered exclusively
for Performance Dancer/Choreographer, one and only Toshihiko Nakazawa.

This website has been up since October 1st, 2012.

This website is made possible and designed visually, constructed functionally, built strongly by J & M Web & Internet. (JamWebSite.com) as a part of 2012 Summer Website Remake Campaign, detail available for limited term.

J & M Web & Internet. (JamWebSite.com) is offering a wide range of website related programs, from personal use for artists and musicians, small group - member limited projects, to small size businesses such as restaurants and stores. Of course all of them are in affordable price settings in general sense.

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And also we'd like you to notice that all the J&M Web making package comes with free initial consulting, one-year web-hosting fee, domain name obtainning/transfer charge, SNS associate, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimazation, free New York City scenary photograph if decided to use for your new website, favicon which is located on left-top corner of web-browsers to identify your website, some practical publicity plans when site is complete and much more, along with regular construction, labor, layout, design and programing, available in afforda... as mentioned earlier.

Anyway, we hope, deeply hope and are half-way sure of that you would enjoy Mr. Nakazawa's website, simultaneously with his performance. And please don't forget to click "LIKE" button throughout this website and also in this facebook page http://www.facebook.com/jandmweb. And spread the words! Thank you.

Sincerely yours.

- J & M Web & Internet Staff.


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