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Ride - Toshihiko "The Ride is a tour bus in NYC. It's not just tour bus though, The Ride is a one of a kind entertainment experience that turns the street of New York Into a stage. The passengers on the bus face outside towards the sidewalks. Toshihiko performs on the street. When Toshi is working, waiting for the bus to arrive is part of the job. He has many cell phones from The Ride office. The cell phones tell him the location of the bus. When the bus is near his location, Toshi goes out side to prepare to perform. He is a delivery man in this performance!"

Quoted from this article. Read more at Japan in NYC

Ride - Toshihiko

Ride - Toshihiko

Get On. Find Out. from Official Ride Youtube Channel

NHK Cosmomedia America talks THE RIDE in Japanese

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