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Here we go! We are dream rangers!!

10012015 will coming!
Here we go!
I am dream rangers!!

No day but today. NY is getting cold these days. But personally I like this season. The colder temperature gets, the more people close together. So I feel more warm in this season★

I told already last month, I have so much exciting event coming in this month! First, I’m going to Thailand to performance from Oct 7-Oct 15. This time, I will collaborate with 2 chefs, now we are working on by Skype NY-Hawaii, and we gonna gather Thailand. Certainly, this opportunity is to be a great experience and new possibility. In addition to that, this is my first time to visit Thailand, I’m really looking forward to this too!!
Hers is the detail, if you know well about Thailand, I really want to go somewhere to see sight seeing. Please advise me☆

1) Avani Atrium in Bangkok: perform Saturday, October 10th
2) Marriott Hotel in Pattaya: perform Sunday, October 11th and 12th
3) Anantara Riverside Resort in Bangkok : perform Tuesday October 13th and 14th

And after that, I’m gonna perform in NY, off-broadway based theater, Nov 5-Nov 8. That mean as soon as I get back NY, rehearsal will be start immediately. I will let you know when I find out the detail●

So Oct,I had plenty time to ready.
It is good thing If we have a much time. We can thinking about our future, dream, and something we need to do. Or we can go play around! But at the same time, it will come too much thinking that we don’t need to. But in Oct, I dare to took the step too much thinking. Any positive thinking not always come with good result. I rather think negative is more natural way of thinking. I mean positive thinking is good, but that is also meaning lie to myself.

For instance, I’ve been NY for 5 years, can I really leave things the ways I am? Certainly every day is fun for me, and I try live my life vividly, but think about 10, 20 years later,,,
Family, country, job, there are so many mind of anxiety. But considering about this, still I feel I want to live my life what I really want to do. The reason is quite simple.

It is because The Times are changing.

If the problem is money, the worth of money ”MAY” change.
Globalization ”MAY” change relationship between countries. But we need to think about my future to get a dream. But after all, while The Time change and we need to adjust The Time, a visitation of providence or family bereavement to oblige the order of priority even if we found best way to solve some problem. Sometimes external factor change everything. Even if you decide any calculation, estimation, or consideration. That is exactly why Right now is the most important moment in our life. More important thing is have faith. If you don’t lose that, anything happen from outside, you can go on next with the belief.

Therefore, I jumped in the Negative in Oct to over my own limit. I think I already have way to positive, so I thought I need to beyond myself. What I mean is I try to extract something new from negative feeling or like negative emotions. We should be willing to go through struggles when we are young.
After that, I realized my answer is not incorrect. Want to do something more interesting. Want to go more exciting place. One more good thing from negative thinking is being more realistic. In other words, the feeling of Impossible is a reason to disturb your dream. But if we can find the reason, there is no reason to can not. Negative is more realistic. So every negative feeling is not always bad.

Sometimes we lost from being positive thinking. This is not naturally way actually. Most of people want to strong, so they tend to be positive. But this feeling is nothing more nor less than how to way of thinking convenient for us. Ambition is really important, but we have to understand each our situation.

So I contacted some of my friends to be aware of myself. We can make our future physically but we can’t make past in physical. It is what it is. This is what we can change the past is only mentally. We must understand the fact. We never change our past. Only we can change is future◎
We can communicate by internet in few seconds. Facebook, Skype or something like that. Too close is too far. I would like to value my past too. The older we grow, the weaker our memory becomes. But experience never gets old. If we don’t use that, the past was just waste of our life, future. So everyone can fight own our life. Any situations, any life. That the meaning “It’s never too late” I am looking back to move on. There is more to life than increasing its speed.

I’ll do anything I can for success. 
Love the life you live. Live the life you love.

As there many ways to make dream come true, final form of dream can’t be just only one way. This photo has put such implication▲