Where is your stage in your life?

Toshihiko Nakazawa digest NO-VE-MBE—R!!! I hope you had great time Halloween!!!! It just passed 5 years when I came here, New York City. As time goes by, it’s looks like yesterday… no, for me, I feel that’s almost different world. That’s mean at that time, I was like a different person. I created my own as a different character. But the same, I know. However, now I can feel I changed. I am still super happy man to live with dance-based job★ I posted so many photos and movies as already you know I went to Thailand for 10 days in the middle of Oct. I was dancing with 2 chefs so we are communicate by skype, and day before performance, we first met, and go!!!!! We had more than 3 performances in a day, but fortunately there was no big trouble. Thailand is really great one, I didn’t… Read More »Where is your stage in your life?

About Thai performance tour.

Day1 (Thailand) Today, I woke up 4AM, my Determination for success in my life(named jet lag). Running around and I feel so fresh! I really love new place. smells… ok!!! Day2 (Thailand) Avani Atrium Bangkok Hotel I woke up 5 AM today, and running around hotel again. Yesterday, I took oil massage and Thai massage. 2 hours 800THB. about 22$. it’s so cheap and good quality! From morning to Night, Here is so many people and I feel much energy from this city. There is an air of mystery about this city! From today, We have a performance every day until Oct 15! This wii be happend in Pattaya from Oct 11. Day3 (Thailand) I finished first performance yesterday. It was really fun and we did it! Everybody smile at the performance!!! After that, I went to some famous places in Bangkok aimlessly. And the night, we have a party… Read More »About Thai performance tour.

Here we go! We are dream rangers!!

10012015 will coming! Here we go! I am dream rangers!! No day but today. NY is getting cold these days. But personally I like this season. The colder temperature gets, the more people close together. So I feel more warm in this season★ I told already last month, I have so much exciting event coming in this month! First, I’m going to Thailand to performance from Oct 7-Oct 15. This time, I will collaborate with 2 chefs, now we are working on by Skype NY-Hawaii, and we gonna gather Thailand. Certainly, this opportunity is to be a great experience and new possibility. In addition to that, this is my first time to visit Thailand, I’m really looking forward to this too!! Hers is the detail, if you know well about Thailand, I really want to go somewhere to see sight seeing. Please advise me☆ ————————— Thailand: 1) Avani Atrium in… Read More »Here we go! We are dream rangers!!

You do what you must do and you do it well.

September just around the corner!! New York, It’s getting a little bit cooler so it’s more comfortable. And after September, will be Halloween , Thanksgiving, Christmas, and countdown in Times Square. So many happy happy event are coming soon, so now is time to ready for the Party. I mean, this period is important for us : Entertainer. The reason is when the people going out to play outside, we have to entertain the people. So I get busy depending on the period. But I’m so excited to come the season. NY is really cold, half of the year is winter, but I think it’s like NY, That’s why New Yorker is tough!! And this movie I attached in this post is thank you message video about my crowdfunding project. It’s only Japanese, but you can see the Times Square feeling with 360 view!!!!!! BTW, Have you ever heard… Read More »You do what you must do and you do it well.

That's a wrap! Japan tour.

I missed New York so much…!! But time has come!! Finally I will be there tmrw night!!! I’m looking forward to seeing with my friends in New York!!!!