It's November!!!

Here we go October and November!!

Last month(Sep), I worked so hard and at the same time I have to ready to go Japan. I couldn’t get enough time to thinking myself, but I feel great! This is my life. Time flies.

The documentary “Gutto Chikyu-bin” was broadcast last month in Japan. I got messages who watched this program. And some of them told to me ‘I got courage from your words and how to live’ That’s a lot for me.

I went Japan tour from Oct 31th
Nagoya→Shizuoka→Tokyo→Sapporo→Nagoya→OSAKA→Kyoto and my hometown NIIGATA!

Once a month, I write blog what I am thinking at the time since 2014. Almost 4 years in a row.
I realized what I was thinking is not too far compared with 2017 me. Of course it isn’t all same but my Will isn’t change.  

Keep telling our Stories

is very important for us.
I feel that from writing blog for 4 years.

The reason is simple. If I didn’t do that, I couldn’t meet you .
Sharing my story allows my readers to connect to me. It builds roads to their heart and mind, and reveals that you are not so different from them. We are all same.

Think about all the stories that are being written around the world. Every time somebody shares their experiences with us, we get to see what is possible.

Joan Borysenko said, “We cannot wish old feelings away nor do spiritual exercises for overcoming them until we have woven a healing story that transforms our previous life’s experience and gives meaning to whatever pain we have endured.”

In any auditions, I must show them everything I have. But before that, we even don’t have space to warm up. Before the show time, the battle is already begin.

Struggling your life mean exposing myself ungainly way Exposing myself ungainly way mean laughed at So struggling your life mean laughed at

I’ve been try to keep telling my story, and now you can see my message. You made my day.
Thank you, again.