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Hello and Happy New Year too you all.
Wishing you a Happy and Brilliant New Year!!

2015 was great year for me. I met so many people in Japan, Thailand, of course NY, all over the world. Hi my friends around the world?! How’s doing??

My 2016 goal
English, basic skills of dance, looking back every day
Tweet everyday what I leaned from daily conversation
・Basic skills of dance
Workout weekdays from 8AM-
・Looking back every day
To get a 30 min to looking back the day before going to bed (with meditation)

January, I started new dance career called THE RIDE in New York City. That was a lot for me. It’s one of big dream to live with dance in NYC. Now I grab the dream, so I will go on the next level.
Also, I did the project crowdfunding for the tour in Japan. I made it to my goal and I could perform and speech 7 cities 32 places include some elementary school. I don’t know what they felt, but I really hope that was a chance to thinking about their dream. I understand it’s impossible to talk just 1 time to tell everything what I am thinking, so definitely I will be back again!!
In addition, I went Thailand to performance. That was my first experience to collaborate chefs, but I can say my possibility was spread. Dancing is not only on the stage. Any place can be stage to perform!!

In November, my parents came to see me. For 5 years, they had no chance to come here. But finally made it!!! I could spend such a precious time in NYC.
Actually I started a new project and job from January, when the time come, I will announce it.
I am never going to stop pursuing my passions.
Positive vibrations are food for my soul. I love those who are motivated, they are inspiration to me.
I look forward to seeing you again this year!!