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In this moment forever.

In this moment forever, be exceptional.

Happy New Year!!
How’s your year of 2016???
Me, was “good”
I don’t want to say the past now, so I will talk the future now!!

As I look back now, my selfish Japan tour was start 2013. At first time to launch this project , nobody care what I do. In other words, No one understood what I want to do. But after 3 years, some of my friends and who see my activity through TV, newspaper, friend, or little bird, seem to understand what I want to do now.
So my 2017 will…

Selfish Europe tour!
Selfish US tour!!
Selfish entrepreneur to be Dream Maker!!!

“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” –Michael Jordan

Before start something, first thing I have to do is imagine follow my excitement feelings.
I truly realized from this trip Japan and US, I feel so thrilled,excited, moved, amazed, shocked, overwhelmed… some kind words from Trip.

Other than that,
Dancing to free
Reading book before sleep
Drinking Bubble Tea
Watching comedy
Soaking in a bathtub
Feeling happy get the time do nothing
So this mean,
I feel happy traveling w/ dancing, reading, drinking bubble tea,
watching comedy, taking in a bathtub.
That’s happiness life for me for now. Simple.LOL.
If I feel happy a moment and try to keep a moment to two moments, and three, four, five… longer and stronger, guess my life is perfectly fulfilled. Simple.
Most difficult thing is find that what makes you happy.
If you can find even just one, you are almost close to Happiness. I’m still looking for some other things makes me happy, but I already have some.
So I want to tell the person who don’t realized it yet. It’s because I was so. I had wanted to see someone who tell me the sky is the limit. 
Who is going to tell that to next generation? Not someone, Me and You. Nothing is impossible for anyone, any situations!
I know someone have hard life from birth, but remember, There are always exceptions for things.
I think you can tell. So many expressions the opposite word “exception”.
I don’t wanna be example sentence for textbook.
Be exceptional and In this moment forever.
I can’t thank you enough.
I Just want to express my greatest thanks for your support all through the years.
May the year of 2017 bring you a lot of happiness and smiles.

Toshihiko Nakazawa