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As log as we are here…

Here comes Feb!
This is my Birthday month!
My Dance performance 10 years ago I turned 3● Feb 1st!! and looking back 1o yeas ago that I participate in competition. This video is my first solo performance.
Recently in New York of my ●2 ages, I always dancing myself. But at this time I’d never dancing only myself. And this moment obviously changed my life.
When I start dancing, I did contemporary dance. And leaned many kinds of dance styles for myself. So it’s kind of weird and funny for me my roots was not street dance, more classical way. But that made me not the same style compared than the others.

This piece “IKIGAKARI” means a lot for me.
This is my first solo piece and my first get special prize of dance competition. I’ll never forget the moment that I receive a lot of applause from 300-400 audience. That applause for only me even just 4 min, everything for me.
As long as we live, our body want alive.
I believe I don’t have any physical advantage as a dancer. I started dancing at 18 years old. It’s not too early as a professional dancer. Most of dancer had trained from 5 or 6 ages, but I haven’t. Sometimes we face plenty of hurdles, sometimes our heart is going to break off, but in any situations, still we alive. Our body wants alive. So we are here to stay alive.
This moment is the proof you believing.
Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live. Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will.

We are here, that’s the answer.

Thank you! And hope our new year will be fantastic!!!