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The Ride Schedule 2022

Officially I’m back The Ride!
ニューヨークの動くブロードウェイ型バスツアー、 『ザライド』2年ぶりに復帰する事になりました!

Here is the schedule until April 3, 2022
I look forward to seeing you in New York.

9 night
12 matinee, night
13 matinee
15 night
16 night
18 night
20 matinee
21 night
25 night
27 matinee
29 night
31 night

1 matinee, night
3 night
5 matinee, night
8 matinee, night
10 matinee

The Ride is the hit interactive entertainment experience that has taken New York City by storm…the streets of New York are transformed into a stage, and passengers have front row seats. Famous City landmarks are a backdrop to a live show with unparalleled technology, fun facts and amazing street performances.