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We are not strong. We are changeable. We are easy to lose our belief.

Here comes middle of March!
It already passed 2 weeks in March… But I will keep posting my monthly works!
Recently I couldn’t get time to day dreaming, visualizing, envisaging. I need to take time to imagine.
Daily training, work, sleep, and do every day routine, Time passes quickly.
Maintain something is hard, but develop something is important too.

Last week, I shoot a video for some audition. I can’t show you the video right now, but hope we can show you some near day at your convenient place. Also I had a talk to guy who is 2010 Olympic bronze medalist figure skater for some TV production. He retired from competitive skating 2 years ago, but he try to do something new things. Never to late to start anything. I receive positive influence or inspiration from him.

BTW I will perform April 26 at Boston, so please come to see me if you are around! I will let you inform more detail sooner or later.

-If you have a goal, and you can choose a stairs or a elevator, which one you gonna ride?

No one knows the answer but I will choose a stairs. I want to feel that “I am here”. The processing.
The goal is unclear. So sometimes it’s hard to decide. Maybe it’s faster to use elevator, but it might be breaking down. Or the goal would be 2F, so probably it’s faster to use a stairs. But who knows the goal?
The funny thing is the goal possibly changes. One time or two times, or so many times? That’s why I think we need flexibility and make own goal by ourselves.

Someday Sometime One day can’t make your dream forever.
So we need to make goal depends on the time.
It’s like diet. So many people wants to healthy body, beautiful body, but how much is the percentage of achieve?

We are not strong. We are changeable. We are easy to lose our belief. That’s why everyday has to remind ourselves we ca
n do this!
Motivation is like Vitamins. It’s not been long for 1 week even if you take one time for 1 weeks motivation.
What we can do in a hour, day, month, year?

Think about expiration date, otherwise, we are lost.
Be strong, Be positive, but Be smart.

I will be in Japan in June and September, so please feel free contact me if you want to see me~www