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Everyday Field Trip

Everyday Field Trip
Here comes March. Already 2 months passed 2017…. Time goes by so quickly.

Have you ever make a complain in any restaurant? I did some time. In my case, the reason is mostly wait too long. Or A foreign object got into the product like hair. Or rude attitude, Cleanliness…
But in New York, even we make a complain, 99% nothing changed as you already knows…
NYC Subway never ever better.

Let’s think why we are disgruntled with something.
I think that is from fall short of our expectations.

When we are in Mcdonald, it supposed to come less than 3-5 min. We expect that.
But if that takes over 10 min… we feel dissatisfaction. If you are in more high-price restaurant like five Michelin-starred, we are enjoying the space and quality.
So it depends.

Now how about your life? Any complain for your life?
If you don’t, that’s great and just go forward.
If you have any, Please think of this.
It’s kind of the same problem about your complain to restaurant. Especially wait too long.
I used to work food industry for 3 years in Japan as a manager. So I hired worker and control cost and people.
When costumer make a complain, I must go and make an apology as a manager.
If you will wait your future in positive way, it could be no complain. You may say “tomorrow is field trip day, so I can’t wait!”

But if you will wait negative way, it could be happened complain. You may say “I have to wake up early for work…”

Even it will be wait same time but it totally different feeling.

Time will take care of the rest.
Time won’t solve anything.

When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute—and it’s longer than any hour. That’s relativity.
So if we wait for the future with excitement, enthusiasm, maybe your future will be changed. That don’t have any particular outward changes.

Listen your heart, and We’ll see what happens.