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Whenever you are in your life, now is the youngest, but now is the oldest.

April is here!
New York is 80 degrees between 30 degrees from last week. Ok let’s get crazy.
I upload video attached this post. This is about conversation with a person who is a Japanese figure skater. He got 2010 Olympic bronze medalist. I’m honored to be there.

I have several performance in this month. One of that is Apollo Theater, Amateur Night on Apr 13th, Wednesday. I’ve performed Apollo more than 10 times from 2011. But this stage is special for me, so I will keep on challenge to this. This always reminds me first resolution. So please come if you want feel crazy night!

From this movie, He decide retire as a competitor in the age of 28. Athletes dedicated their life for that and a lot of pressure from expectations of the people.
I can’t imagine it. I still fight just for myself.

To create anything new, it is irreplaceable. Sometimes the idea came suddenly, but basically have to get fully immersed in that what you want to. I think this is the same thing for our life. How to live our own life.
Moderate busyness is enough reason to NOT think our life more seriously. Most people lack of thinking, wondering. Too much thinking is sometimes bad, but I want to say we should do what we want without any excuse. I lost so many things because of busyness. I don’t wanna lose because of this anymore.

So actually I don’t need to perform again. But this challenge will be my SOMETHING.

Whenever you are in your life, now is the youngest, but now is the oldest.
Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.

Thank you, and happy happy April!