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Better than nothing.

Half of March, I wasn’t here in NY. I was in Boston, Vegas, and LA.
Spent a great time w/ friends and animals, and nature. After all any trip is pleasant for me. All travels open my mind it has inspired me in so many ways.
Actually I took some audition in March too, but the result was not come with.
It happens all time, at the time I tried to make myself believe that Something is better than nothing.

Something will always be a step further. You never know, maybe this little step, this failure will be the first to begin a great journey. Probably, your nutrition and your weekly gym routine might be slipping. Possibly you get sick, you consumed an entire bottle of wine by yourself and then ate five cookies. Maybe your sleep routine is off and you’re planning a wedding and a big move. You could be preparing for a new human to enter the world. Whatever it is, you have a choice. You can give yourself a break, know it’s temporary and make the best choices you can each day, or you can give in and give up.
Unfortunately there(life) is no single answer. There are plenty of success stories from all corners of the world on how others have realized the possibilities of digitalization.
It’s still hard for me but someday I want to get skill for..
Don’t beat myself up about what I can or can’t doing this time of year. A couple of weeks playing is nothing that I can’t gain back in a short month or two. Enjoy my friends, family and celebrate what I have already accomplished this year. Be mindful. Make one best choice for myself each day.
Accomplishing a goal is as much about attitude and the standards we set as the goal itself. The first step in accomplishing any goal is being as specific about the goal as possible.

As Aristotle said, ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

So I just keep stepping. Even it’s not going further, it’s something. Thank you and have a great April!!!!