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Never retire the life

Here comes May(already a week passed….)
Latterly, what I do is…
Work, Practice dancing, Study English, Make new Choreo, Organize event, update website,etc….

Literally, so many challenging new things! Thank you, Grateful days!! Do you know the average age of a professional dancer?
From some article, It says around 27 years old.
A dancer’s career can usually last until his/her early to late 30s, sometimes a few years more. The length of a dancer’s career is very similar to any other professional athlete, depending on the dancer’s individual body and avoidance of injuries (from Atlanta Ballet) So my age is not too young lol

In this month, Three-time world champion Mao Asada announces retirement from figure skating
From some sports news, and also she mentioned,
“She has lost will to compete and is unable to regain top form”
26 years old is not too old. But she has been competing from childhood. That made her to this feeling.

It is hard to continue something.
There is a lot to worry about, but I believe what is important is that I see through to doing what I think is right.
Repetition is good. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is insane.
Someday, nobody can imitate what you did, and that’s going to be The style that no one can ever imitate.
If you want to the best, you have to be a only one person.

So let’s go and enjoy the new month!
Toshihiko Nakazawa