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Performance May 29th @Times Square

I’m gonna perform at Times Square, May 29th,2017.
My performance will be around

Here is detail!!

【 Time and date】 May 29, 2017 Monday  11:00 ~ 16:00 
【 Place】 New York City, USA (The main dance performance area : Times Square in Broadway Plazas 45th – 46th ST)
【1】 Activation of maintainable “person” -“sightseeing” – “commerce” in the New York area, etc.
【2】 Realization of NY-Tokyo, U.S.-Japan community exchange and cultural exchanges
【3】 The spread of diversity and the changing festivals

【 Participant】 DREAM YOSACOY official team, japanese yosacoy dance teams  NewYork yosacoy dance team  ( total 3 ~ 4 team/50persons)

【 Contents】
【1】The dance performance of each japanese and american yosacoy dance teams
【2】Spectator participatory type dance performance experience corner, the related plan
【3】Part of the present Japanese culture introduction, Collaboration of NY culture and Yosacoy
【 Holding organization】Dream Yosacoy Festival Global Promotion Foundation