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Don't you have something you should have known now?

Here comes June!!!
We are almost halfway through this year.
How’s your year of 2016 so far?

As I mentioned, I will be Japan or around Asia for 4 months. Since I came to NY, I hadn’t enough time to spend with my family, old friends and people who met past. So I want to meet them and share our experiences from school days.

I posted last year, But I want to share again why I started speech and performances in school since 2013.

Every year, I go to back to Japan in order to make seminar of my speeches and performance in schools. Mainly I’m going to speak to elementary school kids, but not only kids, also from children to adults, for young and old.
Don’t you have something you should have known now? I have. I learned so many things after came to NY. But if I knew what I couldn’t realize at the time, maybe my life was different shapes.
I can’t say when “The Time” but I don’t think everyone knows our own real dream of life. Of course I’m still looking for too. But I enjoyING my life so much right now. So I want to share my experience here to other people especially with children. A child doesn’t understand? Because of the age?
We can’t be so certain. And it’s not really true. Even so many adults complain about their own life.
So I decided to speak out. Still l’m learning. But If I gotta wait
“The Time I’m ready”
It does not begin forever. So I started this project.
I don’t think that this is a dream for only me to fulfill. I think it is a dream to be shared and be fulfilled together with other people by receiving support little by little.