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Now we are in June!
It already half of 2017.. I’m surprised at how quickly time flies… Last month, I did work as usual ad take some auditions, spent with my friends from Japan, performance in Times Square. At the same time, I got whiplash from have a fit of sneezing… Life has its ups and downs lol

‘Your Dream is my Dream’
This is my Life mission.

Since I got whiplash, I had to stay home some days,,, I was thinking about this. I wanted to be a teacher when I’m in Japan, still I want to be.
We choose our life before we knew it. In childhood, usually we couldn’t choose. Because we didn’t know what we like or not. So mostly people go public school and meet totally new friends and teachers.
Some of them can meet lifetime of friend or teacher. But who knows?
For my case, I couldn’t meet person who teach me how important the dream, ambition, the world is so wide. They only teach me how to solve the math. Yes that is their job so I don’t want to deny them. But I wanted to learn something beyond text book. I can learn math from text book or online lesson if I really want to get that.
Now I live in NY as a dancer, so next time make miracle happens again. I couldn’t imagine now I’m here from my school days. So this is one miracle. So let’s move on next level.

First thing I need to know what is miracle for me?
Recently I met some people that we called “Celebrity”. The definition is most people knows him/her.
I find out even them, it took over 10 years it become recognized. So I came here 2010, still 7 years… The minimum requirements of miracle is just keep doing. Sometimes miracle will come tomorrow. But If I quit now, it never happens.
However, I have to grab the miracle, not just waiting come from the other. Every time new challenge for me. In New York City it is hard live for anyone.
Cause I’ve been doing for myself myself, myself… As for performer, there is few spot to perform. If I don’t protect myself like this, I can’t fight in this city… Life is short, but there is always time enough for courtesy. 
I should work on what I can do first, even just one step. I believe it is start toward miracle. Faith is taking the first step, even when I don’t see the whole staircase. Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who I am. Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is Life isn’t worth living, unless it is lived for someone else This is challenge so I don’t know it is fit for me, but if I feel it is not comfortable for me, I can change again. That is human it is. So let’s go and don’t be afraid of change!