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im possible

Here comes July!!

  I had a great time in June as always, I met new people, dancing everyday, and still alive.
  Last month, I took audition that required some instrument skills. I never played drum even tap is just few times. But when I found this audition info,  some idea crossed my mind.

  “I can do this”

  There was still 3 weeks until the audition, so I started exposing the problem what I need to do.
  What I can do is limited in 3 weeks, however at the time, I want to say if the audition go through or not “There’s nothing more I can do“  
So I asked who can play drum and percussion, and went workshop, training everyday for the audition.

  “I can do it”

  This is magic word. Every time start from this.
Any result beyond my control compete others, especially like arts, much more uncontrollable.

  Sometimes result could be excellent, even if they don’t want to, or want.
No matter how they really want to, the result can’t come with you 100%  for your desire. It would be fail rather than success.

  It’s nothing special, if everybody can do whatever they wants, it is not interesting. But just because this reason, we give up our dream!?  
I want to say NO, so if I can’t control result, I want to control my heart at least.

  Start always from

  “I can do it”  

At a glance, the goal can be impossible. But try this word  

im possible

  If you feel you have no confidence to get it, please remember everything you’ve done up to now.  You are here to alive, that supporting your confidence and enough reason to get through that.  

You can do it, because there is something that you are the only one who can do it.

The future is made from my present actions
The future depends on what you do today. 
The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. 
Your future is created by what you do today.

Today is just right now.
Now is the future.

So let’s go and enjoy your July!!!