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Stay Mindlessly, Unthinking, Insensitive. Toshihko Nakazawa 201808

Here comes August!!
It’s been 3 months since I came back to Japan. Time flies when I am having fun.

I held dance contest event in May.
I went 21 cities to Dance tour all over Japan in June.
I met new and old friends each place in July.
So far so good? But I want more!!!

Stay Mindlessly, Unthinking, Insensitive.

In this Japan Tour, there was question time from students during the performance. It would often to ask “How did you get the good dance skill?”

We answered some reason, but common thing is
“ I love dance, and keep doing it until right now”

This is not something limited to Dancing, why we try to to master the secrets of the professions, because

Cultivating the Human Spirit.

It’s not easy to find what we really wants. However most of people meet their Turning Point in their lifetime. I want to be that Point.
But even If I can be the Point, ultimately all depend on theirselves.
Every man is his own worst enemy. This is the only way. Not from outside, come from inside.

Dancing can communicate to using our body. Some people always trying to dodge responsibilities to using words cleverly.

We have to show our attitude to children without words. They would feel that they working on everything diligently. I believe That’s the best way to change their mind.

I learned that from the students and teammates again.

I will go Tokyo, Kansai-area and Thailand in August to perform. Hope to see you somewhere in the world!!

Aug 31th- Sep 2th