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You do what you must do and you do it well.

September just around the corner!!

New York, It’s getting a little bit cooler so it’s more comfortable. And after September, will be Halloween , Thanksgiving, Christmas, and countdown in Times Square. So many happy happy event are coming soon, so now is time to ready for the Party. I mean, this period is important for us : Entertainer. The reason is when the people going out to play outside, we have to entertain the people. So I get busy depending on the period. But I’m so excited to come the season. NY is really cold, half of the year is winter, but I think it’s like NY, That’s why New Yorker is tough!!

And this movie I attached in this post is thank you message video about my crowdfunding project.
It’s only Japanese, but you can see the Times Square feeling with 360 view!!!!!!

Have you ever heard about generalist and specialist?
Recently I am thinking about the difference.
Of course about the Dance, but it’s not only about dancing. I would say it’s about my life, too.

Generally speaking, I am a dancer in NY, so everyone recognized me as a specialist. But in my opinion, I am not only the dance specialist.

We can not obtain everything, so we have to choose something. We must design each our day for ourselves.

If we just do a little work every day, eventually you will accomplish great big thing. Every single day toward our future. We are what we repeatedly do.

When I started dancing at 18 years old, everything is new to me. Everything! I didn’t know how to move legs and hands, how to get rhythm,,, All I could do is following at the moment. 
But when I came here, in New York, I thought I must choose something suit for me. So in the beginning, I focused on one style of dance genre. But After a while, I asked the person I respected, and he answered,

‘to be able to many different things is your Specialty’

The shock seemed to wake me up.
So many great skill dancer is here from all over the world, So I thought I need to choose ONE thing if I want to get something to success here. But I realized the idea is not always correct. Every each person has their own answer.
We can’t choose which one is important our life, and I don’t like to judge like this way,

“It depends”

It’s true.
But just because the reason, I don’t wanna run away from the question.
I found someone discuss this question.
He said this subject like
“which do you like Vanilla Ice cream or Chocolate Ice cream?”
There is no answer. We can decide this subject for ourselves.
Here is just one thing

I want to be irreplaceable person.
Nobody able to be replaced my life, my way, my experience.

If you think anyone can live your life exactly same way, what do you think?
As for me, I don’t wanna live someone’s life.
I want live in MY life in any situations.

That’s called “PRIDE”
Giving it soul on the role but always keeping it new with your own style, own experience, own reality. It doesn’t matter what you say, we have to going on. Just do it my way take all these words to heart. We just doing how we doing living our way too true, Doing my way, you gonna find you got all that you need.

You do what you must do and you do it well.
-Bob Dylan

So let’s enjoy and be entertain September!!