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Every Ordinary Day Is Truly An Extraordinary Day 201709

Do you remember the 21st night of September?!

Here is September!!

  Last month, I want some meet up and absorb new ideas.  Also collaborated with other performers, not only dancers. That was great experience and I realized again the possibility of Entertainment. I try to keep cultivate sensitivity and make efforts everyday to develop my techniques.

Make Ordinary to Unordinary 

  People say “thank you for ordinary days”
It’s true, but how?

  It’s too late if we realize how important something was after we lose it. But it’s hard to realize before we lose it.
  I always say if I want to get something, think about from opposite site. As for now if we want to know Ordinary, let’s see what is Unordinary for us? If you don’t know what it is, we can’t find out Ordinary for you. But when you can discover that, you may thank you for ordinary days.

  Here in NY, compared with Japan, so many things not expected.

  The Bus supposed to come on time, but never appear.
The MTA supposed to local, but it changed express without announce.
The construction supposed to finish last year, but forever under construction ever.

  So this is the World famous New York City, these made me super strong w I am standing here like a rock. No matter what happens I say “It happens”

  So I believe we can call this city as “Unordinary city” So if we want to know what is Unordinary, one thing to easy is moving to other country even city, or change your environment.
  However not everybody can change their environment, so if you can’t your surround, we can set our ideal image in our future.

  Making ideal image  

  is also important to know what is Unordinary.
Cause most of people are different the gap between ideal and reality.

  If you think your ideal is perfectly your current life, it’s great and just keep doing what you love.
But the reality is different.

  He/She is not always by your side.
Your Ordinary Day is not

  Every Ordinary Day Is Truly An Extraordinary Day

  Are you days extraordinarily ordinary?