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【Express Through Living 】 Toshihiko Nakazawa 201809

Here comes September!!

First time to came in NY, I had no friends. But through dancing, I met some friends and now I have friends all over the world. I had some event in August in Japan, then I informed the event by SNS and Newspaper before the shows, so people who coming the event already knows me.
However in Bangkok, Nobody knows me.
Feel like 8 years ago, when I went NY first time.

In Bangkok, people expect Japanese cultural things even in the stage. So my performance different in kind.
I hope somebody likes my show even they didn’t know me.

After performance, some people asked me to take photos, and give me kind words. That’s made me happy and only that reason, I still have chance to improve my performance and myself.

I’m so grateful that I still can challenge, and I have tools to express that, all over the world.

I will be back to NY Oct 30th. See you soon!!