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About Thai performance tour.

Day1 (Thailand)
Today, I woke up 4AM, my Determination for success in my life(named jet lag). Running around and I feel so fresh! I really love new place. smells… ok!!!

Day2 (Thailand)
Avani Atrium Bangkok Hotel
I woke up 5 AM today, and running around hotel again. Yesterday, I took oil massage and Thai massage. 2 hours 800THB. about 22$. it’s so cheap and good quality!
From morning to Night, Here is so many people and I feel much energy from this city. There is an air of mystery about this city!
From today, We have a performance every day until Oct 15!
This wii be happend in Pattaya from Oct 11.

Day3 (Thailand)
I finished first performance yesterday. It was really fun and we did it! Everybody smile at the performance!!!
After that, I went to some famous places in Bangkok aimlessly.
And the night, we have a party and I could talk to people who came from other counties. Approximately over 10 counties are there! I felt English is really important as a person who is active worldwide. After the party, I went to the club called “ROUTE66”. soooo many people there and I felt again here is so much energy!!!
So I have performance today too. I will prepare for that and will be enjoy today!
everyday weare shufflin!!

Day4 (Thailand)
Thailand at the halfway mark. Every morning I am running around hotel, and it’s better to know the real life of city.
I’m done 2nd day performance, and we are going to Pattaya today, and then we will be performance there again! I was able to gain many valuable experiences. and that still going on!
I get adrenaline pumping up everyday, cause each day all new for me. Still I have a place where I don’t know, still I have a friends who I don’t meet yet. That is miracle and make me Happy! Much opportunity and possibility!!

Day5 (Thailand,Pattaya)
Hello guys!
Yesterday we had 2 performances and I think that was amazing. Everyone happy, we are happy!
Even I was go to bed 3AM , but I already awake like 5AM with super good motivation. People’s energetic and applause give me special protein. 2 hours sleep is not bad!
We are going to 3 performances today. One is The Chinese Vegetarian Festival known as “Gin Jai”, and others are surprise concert performance at the shopping mall in Pattaya. So I will be ready to rock it again with running Pattaya beach from now!!
Hope we luck and have a special day for you!

Day6 (Thailand,Pattaya)
Always my name is wrong… guess tricky to pronounce…
Start the day of 6th in Thailand! Yesterday(today), I could go bed earlier but I woke up 3AM. so I’ve waking up and do some desk work.
I am performance like this everyday. And We gonna leave this morning to Bangkok again! 3 performances today, so we’ll see what happens! I just doing my best!!

Day7 (Thailand)
This is last day of Thailand. Great time does fly really fast. everyday amazing!
Yesterday we had 3 performances and it was dope! we found out some new possibility of performance!
I miss to spend everyday, and today 1 hour sleep, but I am still alive! Human is too strong now I learned from my body.
So I will leave here after 23 hours with almost 24 hours flight from here xoxo, so I’m gonna let you know what happened in here, when I get back NY. until then, I want to feel all of Thailand!!!
Let’s “ENJOY” our lives today.