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Where is your stage in your life?

Toshihiko Nakazawa digest


I hope you had great time Halloween!!!!
It just passed 5 years when I came here, New York City. As time goes by, it’s looks like yesterday… no, for me, I feel that’s almost different world. That’s mean at that time, I was like a different person. I created my own as a different character. But the same, I know. However, now I can feel I changed. I am still super happy man to live with dance-based job★

I posted so many photos and movies as already you know I went to Thailand for 10 days in the middle of Oct. I was dancing with 2 chefs so we are communicate by skype, and day before performance, we first met, and go!!!!! We had more than 3 performances in a day, but fortunately there was no big trouble. Thailand is really great one, I didn’t wanna missing out any small experiences, that’s gave me extra power. Everyday, from 5AM, I was running around hotel, 2-3 hours sleep, but I could feel still power to go out.

But once I got back NY,I felt my body exhausted. 2 days stay my home and now I am back as a normal daily life in NYC.

【Where is your stage?】
These days in Thailand reminds me, one of the reason that I started dancing is
“I can express myself without any props”
This time, mainly I was dancing inside restaurant. So originally there is a place to eat. But I was dancing during my Japan tour at kind of meeting room less than 5 people, elementary school. NYC, I always dancing on the street. This is exactly overlaps with reason why I started dance. Anytime Anywhere

Someone asking me during just talking, “can you show me some move?” I am dancing anywhere if someone wants. But if I were to dance, I don’t wanna show “SOME” move. I always tried my best. I understand if I’m gonna dance just some move, my value as a dancer is down. Certainly If I have light, space, costume,,, looks much better. But the situations are not coming all the time. Perfect is nothing unless I create everything.
So I don’t care any stage. I think it’s important thing is just do any situations.

Where is your stage in your life?
My stage is currently open 24 hours. Anytime, Anywhere.
I give you entertainment.

If I have enthusiasm that I felt in Thailand here in NY too everyday, my daily life will be change dramatically. I just want to be more excitement, more enthusiasm, more something.

When I went Benihana, the Japanese steakhouse restaurant in Thailand (actually we performed in this restaurant) there is a motto

it’s not just a meal, it’s an experience

The restaurant is not just serve food, also there is something experience. For here, there are Teppanyaki-performance to use kitchen goods.
I like this. So what it is for me? I always thinking I don’t wanna only dancing, I want to deliver to audience something different flavor. Only dancing skill? Nop, something extraordinary.
So for me

”It’s not just a dance, it’s an experience”

  Thank you and enjoy exciting November!
Each meeting is but once in a lifetime.