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Do you have memories of a lifetime?

this movie is documentary features on my tour in Japan.

I put my affairs in order before it comes 2016. At the same time I tried to increase my expertise in idea, not only dancing, as a performance. I really can’t wait to give you happy news!!!!

【Do you have memory of a lifetime?】

Actually my parents came to see me to New York, and we spent time together 4 days, and after they got back to Japan, they told me “we had a memory of a lifetime in New York” that means a lot to me.
I think you already know but, so many bad things happened all over the world. We must accept that happened the world. However we have to live our lives, live out our life. So what we can do?
Why we can’t satisfied our life? Can eat, talk, laugh, that’s enough. But how come desire? When I’d been working full time job as a restaurant manager in Japan, I always complain my surround. But now I rethink about that, and I find the reason. When I was trying to get a job then,

I don’t want to get crowded train
I don’t want to take an entrance exam
I don’t want to work for a long time
I don’t want to stay in front of desk
I don’t want to wearing a suit and tie
I don’t want to take a long time to get a job

These all comes from
“I don’t want to ( )”

That was my own requirement to get a full time job.
But guess what, it’s impossible to get a suitable job for me, cause it all comes Negative feeling.

So if I can change
“I want to ( )”
I think it will change dramatically.

I can say

+I want to increase the amount of time spent on my hobby
-I don’t want to work for a long time


+I want to go my office by my favorite car.
-I don’t want to get crowded train

It’s kind of same meaning.
Just change the direction, see from another side. That’s the mean.
Why I can tell that, cause I WAS kind of the person. Complain myself, my life. But I didn’t have passion and power to change at the time. So that’s why I want to tell to the people to enjoy your own life. Because I can change , everybody can change.

So I will keep making memory of a lifetime rest of 2015, to 2016!!!

Thank you.