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Live, Like to Dance

Live, Like to Dance
December has come!

The great year of 2016 almost finished! December is the most tourists come to NY of the year. You can’t find out until you come to here, so if you have chance and you’ll see how beautiful it is!!
After I came back in NY, fortunately I had performed chance once or twice in a week except my regular job. For dancer, the stage is the most shining place. I realized again I want to increase opportunities to perform from stage side.
“You are amazing!”
I get that a lot after my performance.
Also I happen to talk with my friends for my regular life and I say “I am a dancer in NYC” and then they said to me

“That’s so cool!”
Of course that something to be glad for me to get encourage words. But for just my opinion, not only performer on the stage are cool but other workers called “salaryman” is also cool!
I will never forget meeting Dance. I felt Dance is really cool, but I was impressed giving them all to their favorite thing more than that. It was just coincidence for me.
So if you think my life is cool, I want you to show my way of life and an attitude too. My dance style is not cool like some famous Artist back-up dancer, or like Hiphop-ish Dance. But If you still this style is cool, I can’t betray their thoughts. And that makes me to push forward.
This word is one of my guideline for my life.
I don’t want to say here political thing or religion thing, this year had great change for political, so we have to unite more than before.

Live like to Dance and Dance under the spotlight.
Focus on the moment. Now is the moment. Moment is future.

When you stand the stage with dazzling spotlight, you can’t see audience. But if the whole place this dim, you can see audience. But sometimes it’s just hallucinate, illusion, delusional. So I want to live this moment with dazzling spotlight, and one day I will get…!

I want to go Europe
I want to take audition
I wan to improve my English
I want to do Japan tour again
I want to performance beyond New York City
Soul of language.Mystical powers dwell in words and names, so if I wish or try to keep saying, that might come true.
Thank you and hope your December will be Brilliant!

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