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Requirements for New Yorker Toshihiko Nakazawa 201812

Requirements for New Yorker.
The last month of 2018 coming!

I came back NY from Japan last month, it’s almost half year trip. Even though New York City and friend accepted me and I performed Off-Broadway theater and working The Ride as usual. Thank you so much everyone.

As you may know, The United States is a great melting pot of races. Especially NY is. We can’t much time to care about others. We must hold our own. Otherwise easy to influenced by someone’s opinion.
Some people very kind to me but sometimes that’s the reason he(she) is trying to deceive me.
Many people showed me every kindness, but not everyone.

In exchange for live this city, I have to challenge to the environment.

Determined, fulfill a mission.
It would be pretty sad to go through life having a secret dream and never fulfilling it. I have a dream so there is no anxiety.

I trust my friends, but don’t expect too much.
Conquer yourself rather than the world.

I will prepare and some day my chance will come.

Let’s enjoy the last month of 2018!!!!