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Japan Festival Boston

I will be Boston to show my performance! Check this site more detail. ボストン日本祭りに3年連続で出演します! 詳細は上記リンクから。 5 things to do 12 fun things to do 10 things to do Seventh annual Japan Festival Boston explores cuisine and culture (I was Cosplay Contest judge)


April24,4PM Broadway Comedy Club Including my (Kaori Takamura) Birthday special & 1night only Collaboration with 実験道場 Jikken Dojo , Toshihiko Nakazawa &more!! We have Performers Contest too!! 【Location】 @Broadway Comedy Club 318 W. 53rd St 【Date&Time】 Tue,Apr 24th, 2018 5pm to 7pm Open 4pm 【Admission】 $20/Adv.$25/Door (12 yrs and under/$10) RVSP Contact: mail@toshihiko-nakazawa.coー 場所: Broadway Comedy Clubffice, school, hospital, shopping mall, supermarket, station, restaurant, hotel, workshop etc, anywhere need bright light.