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Hello 2020!

Happy New Yearrrr!!! This is about my 2019 in Jaoan by number.v □■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□ 93 dance speech WS 71 places 51 schools 14 cities □■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□ I don’t know I can do the same things 2020, but I’ll definitely do my best anyways. Focus on the moment. Now is the moment. Moment is future.

Japan News May – August

Hello world! Now I’m in Japan and I performed all over Japan. I do performance, workshop, speech, and sometimes organized some event too. I’ll show you what I did from May with some pics. I know it’s too much, but I will keep going on!! “This is HipHop Dance!” Tour in Japan Visited 13 cities. Performance with TAKARABUNE Live in Shinjuku ASHIYA BAYCOURT CLUB Dance workshop with English in Tokyo Nippon Haku Bangkok in Thailand Organized event “NY-Japan entertainment meet up” TOKYO SHIZUOKA OSAKA SHINJUKU COMEDY CLUB

Requirements for New Yorker Toshihiko Nakazawa 201812

Requirements for New Yorker. The last month of 2018 coming! I came back NY from Japan last month, it’s almost half year trip. Even though New York City and friend accepted me and I performed Off-Broadway theater and working The Ride as usual. Thank you so much everyone. As you may know, The United States is a great melting pot of races. Especially NY is. We can’t much time to care about others. We must hold our own. Otherwise easy to influenced by someone’s opinion. Some people very kind to me but sometimes that’s the reason he(she) is trying to deceive me. Many people showed me every kindness, but not everyone. In exchange for live this city, I have to challenge to the environment. Determined, fulfill a mission. It would be pretty sad to go through life having a secret dream and never fulfilling it. I have a dream so there… Read More »Requirements for New Yorker Toshihiko Nakazawa 201812

Do not giving up your Dream will become your Dream. Toshihiko Nakazawa

Here comes November and I’m back to NYC! From May, I was held dance competiton, went 21 schools to performance. Had my own show and talk live. Went to Thailand to perform, Career counseling speech in some school. There’s so much to say, I can’t write it all. Every Thing great experience. Do not giving up your Dream will be your Dream. 9 years passed my NY life. Most of my friends went back their country. Sometimes changing mind is good, however sometimes we have to hang in there. For my situation, I think I have not special skills as a dancer, performer. Continue is one of my way to challenge in NYC. Can’t Nobody ‘Continue’ Now I’m 33 years old. People advise me “What are you gonna do when your body can’t move?” “If you injured, it’s the end…” I understand they intended no offence, that’s from their kindnesss.… Read More »Do not giving up your Dream will become your Dream. Toshihiko Nakazawa

【Express Through Living 】 Toshihiko Nakazawa 201809

Here comes September!! First time to came in NY, I had no friends. But through dancing, I met some friends and now I have friends all over the world. I had some event in August in Japan, then I informed the event by SNS and Newspaper before the shows, so people who coming the event already knows me. However in Bangkok, Nobody knows me. Feel like 8 years ago, when I went NY first time. In Bangkok, people expect Japanese cultural things even in the stage. So my performance different in kind. I hope somebody likes my show even they didn’t know me. After performance, some people asked me to take photos, and give me kind words. That’s made me happy and only that reason, I still have chance to improve my performance and myself. I’m so grateful that I still can challenge, and I have tools to express that,… Read More »【Express Through Living 】 Toshihiko Nakazawa 201809

Stay Mindlessly, Unthinking, Insensitive. Toshihko Nakazawa 201808

Here comes August!! It’s been 3 months since I came back to Japan. Time flies when I am having fun. I held dance contest event in May. I went 21 cities to Dance tour all over Japan in June. I met new and old friends each place in July. So far so good? But I want more!!! Stay Mindlessly, Unthinking, Insensitive. In this Japan Tour, there was question time from students during the performance. It would often to ask “How did you get the good dance skill?” We answered some reason, but common thing is “ I love dance, and keep doing it until right now” This is not something limited to Dancing, why we try to to master the secrets of the professions, because Cultivating the Human Spirit. It’s not easy to find what we really wants. However most of people meet their Turning Point in their lifetime. I… Read More »Stay Mindlessly, Unthinking, Insensitive. Toshihko Nakazawa 201808

"This is HipHop Dance!" Tour in Japan

Done the second week of our Japan Tour! The Title is “This is HipHop Dance!” We pass on the HipHop Culture to the next generation. That’s what we do recently. Photo from the show Elementary school Junior high school This tour is program of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government in Japan. We do dance showcase, Dance Battle, and Dance with students! Locking Dance Popping Dance(Me) Breaking Dance Also we have human beat box too. We have MC too! And we do the dance battle! The winner of battle the day(me!!) Dancing together!! Question time!! Dance Dance Dance! We have special equipment in normal school Not only performers, our team have special skill staffs. lightning Sound crew Electric spectaculars Special Effect Schedule All performers 主催 :文化庁 
事業名:文化芸術による子供の育成事業-巡回公演事業- 実施団体:NPO法人国際文化交流協会カルティベイト Thanks for all I want to do this tour in US too!!! Your Dream is my Dream. My Dream is your Dream.