There are not that we can't do it, we just choose not to. できる理由は超シンプル

There are not that we can’t do it, we just choose not to. できる理由は超シンプル We have only few days left this year.Thank you for your continuous support throughout 2017. I wish you the happiest of holidays and much joy and success for the coming year! How was your 2017??! I’m trying to look back on activities of my 2017. Jan I took some auditions with another performer. Feb I started meet-up event again “NY-Entertainment meet up for Japanese” Mar I stayed LA and Vegas Apr Performed Boston Japan Festival May Some of my performer friends come to NY, so I do collaborate with them June Tried audition “STOMP” July Get Driver’s license lol Aug Attending many of summer festivals Sep Ready for Japan tour Oct Staying LA Nov Performances 15 places in Japan Dec Performances 12 places in Japan I had many performances and talk live, and started again NY-Japan… Read More »There are not that we can't do it, we just choose not to. できる理由は超シンプル

Every Ordinary Day Is Truly An Extraordinary Day 201709

Do you remember the 21st night of September?! Here is September!!   Last month, I want some meet up and absorb new ideas.  Also collaborated with other performers, not only dancers. That was great experience and I realized again the possibility of Entertainment. I try to keep cultivate sensitivity and make efforts everyday to develop my techniques. Make Ordinary to Unordinary    People say “thank you for ordinary days” It’s true, but how?   It’s too late if we realize how important something was after we lose it. But it’s hard to realize before we lose it.   I always say if I want to get something, think about from opposite site. As for now if we want to know Ordinary, let’s see what is Unordinary for us? If you don’t know what it is, we can’t find out Ordinary for you. But when you can discover that, you may thank you… Read More »Every Ordinary Day Is Truly An Extraordinary Day 201709

BeatBox, Dance, and Body Performance Art!!

There is perfect chemistry between Dance, BeatBox, and Body Performance Art!! ビートボクサーのDaichiさん、コメディアン(ボディーアーティスト)のビックスモールンさんとコラボレーション的ゲリラ的パフォーマンスをしてみました! こうやって自分の芸一つで世界に挑戦しようとする姿を見て、改めて自分のしている事をもっと追求しようと感じる事ができました。どんな道でも探求し続ける事はとても尊い事だと思います! まずは第一弾。次回作にも乞うご期待です! Daichi Beatboxer Youtube Channel ビックスモールン ゴン big smallen Gon ビックスモールン チロ big smallen Chiro photo by

Even if you can't dream it you can do it

Even if you can’t dream it you can do it   Here is August!! Last year August, I was in my hometown, Japan and I went to beach almost every day. Just 5min from my home so if you have chance to come to Japan, you must come to my hometown!!! Great food, sea, and people.   If you give up it doesn’t mean you never wanted it    Recently, I spend my time with regular work and maintenance my body, also I need I do some soul-searching and figure out what is the next step for my career. Here is one motivation for me   “if I don’t give up I’ll make it”   It’s stronger over time. This is true, but this is wrong. Dreams don’t always come true. Because   The Dream may change.   I still can’t believe I live in NYC as a dancer just right now.… Read More »Even if you can't dream it you can do it

im possible

Here comes July!!   I had a great time in June as always, I met new people, dancing everyday, and still alive.   Last month, I took audition that required some instrument skills. I never played drum even tap is just few times. But when I found this audition info,  some idea crossed my mind.   “I can do this”   There was still 3 weeks until the audition, so I started exposing the problem what I need to do.   What I can do is limited in 3 weeks, however at the time, I want to say if the audition go through or not “There’s nothing more I can do“   So I asked who can play drum and percussion, and went workshop, training everyday for the audition.   “I can do it”   This is magic word. Every time start from this. Any result beyond my control compete others, especially like… Read More »im possible