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"This is HipHop Dance!" Tour in Japan

Done the second week of our Japan Tour! The Title is “This is HipHop Dance!” We pass on the HipHop Culture to the next generation. That’s what we do recently. Photo from the show Elementary school Junior high school This tour is program of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government in Japan. We do dance showcase, Dance Battle, and Dance with students! Locking Dance Popping Dance(Me) Breaking Dance Also we have human beat box too. We have MC too! And we do the dance battle! The winner of battle the day(me!!) Dancing together!! Question time!! Dance Dance Dance! We have special equipment in normal school Not only performers, our team have special skill staffs. lightning Sound crew Electric spectaculars Special Effect Schedule All performers 主催 :文化庁 
事業名:文化芸術による子供の育成事業-巡回公演事業- 実施団体:NPO法人国際文化交流協会カルティベイト Thanks for all I want to do this tour in US too!!! Your Dream is my Dream. My Dream is your Dream.

All begins with misunderstanding.

Happy New Year…!!! I know it’s still 2014, but I guess I can’t get time around New Year’s day, so I will make a flying start toward 2015!! I have a show the last day of the year, so that’s will the last day of performance for the year. Busy is always good!! How’s your year of 2014?  Start of 2014, I made a yearly goal, and more than half of that were come true. But still there are need to do(instead so many things couldn’t imagine) . So 2015, I will decide upon a definite goal. I will live the best life day by day. This year would be the challenging year for me. To use 29 year’s my experience, I will be more exciting way. It’s never too late to start. Because, if you want to start something, you can start that. If you can’t do that, you… Read More »All begins with misunderstanding.