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Stick to my Faith. Believe My Belief.

Stick to my Faith. Believe My Belief. Finally back in USA! I’ve been 4 months in Japan. Such a long time, but it was one of the greatest experience for me.As you know Japan is not big size of country, but even though I had visited few cities in my life, so I decided to go new cities where I’ve never seen. Before I challenge to the world, I thought I should know what is my origin came from. I visited 21cities in Japan for 4 month, and over 10 cities I never visited before.I feel there is still possibility in Japan for performing arts. Still not enough, that’s the reason there is still chance toward 2020, Tokyo Olympic. Actually this homecoming is because renewal for my Visa. Fortunately I got visa earlier than I expected, so I could focus on my performance and lecture. So now officially I can… Read More »Stick to my Faith. Believe My Belief.