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The Ride Schedule 2022

Officially I’m back The Ride! ニューヨークの動くブロードウェイ型バスツアー、 『ザライド』2年ぶりに復帰する事になりました! 下記がスケジュールになってます。 近くにおられる方がいたら、是非遊びにきてください! Here is the schedule until April 3, 2022 I look forward to seeing you in New York. March 9 night 12 matinee, night 13 matinee 15 night 16 night 18 night 20 matinee 21 night 25 night 27 matinee 29 night 31 night April 1 matinee, night 3 night 5 matinee, night 8 matinee, night 10 matinee The Ride is the hit interactive entertainment experience that has taken New York City by storm…the streets of New York are transformed into a stage, and passengers have front row seats. Famous City landmarks are a backdrop to a live show with unparalleled technology, fun facts and amazing street performances. ¥

Even if you can't dream it you can do it

Even if you can’t dream it you can do it   Here is August!! Last year August, I was in my hometown, Japan and I went to beach almost every day. Just 5min from my home so if you have chance to come to Japan, you must come to my hometown!!! Great food, sea, and people.   If you give up it doesn’t mean you never wanted it    Recently, I spend my time with regular work and maintenance my body, also I need I do some soul-searching and figure out what is the next step for my career. Here is one motivation for me   “if I don’t give up I’ll make it”   It’s stronger over time. This is true, but this is wrong. Dreams don’t always come true. Because   The Dream may change.   I still can’t believe I live in NYC as a dancer just right now.… Read More »Even if you can't dream it you can do it