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Performance May 29th @Times Square

I’m gonna perform at Times Square, May 29th,2017. My performance will be around 11:30/13:00/15:00 Here is detail!! 【 Time and date】 May 29, 2017 Monday  11:00 ~ 16:00  【 Place】 New York City, USA (The main dance performance area : Times Square in Broadway Plazas 45th – 46th ST) 【Purpose】 【1】 Activation of maintainable “person” -“sightseeing” – “commerce” in the New York area, etc. 【2】 Realization of NY-Tokyo, U.S.-Japan community exchange and cultural exchanges 【3】 The spread of diversity and the changing festivals 【 Participant】 DREAM YOSACOY official team, japanese yosacoy dance teams  NewYork yosacoy dance team  ( total 3 ~ 4 team/50persons) 【 Contents】 【1】The dance performance of each japanese and american yosacoy dance teams 【2】Spectator participatory type dance performance experience corner, the related plan 【3】Part of the present Japanese culture introduction, Collaboration of NY culture and Yosacoy 【 Holding organization】Dream Yosacoy Festival Global Promotion Foundation

3rd prize of Apollo Theater Amateur Night

The result〜!! I performed Apollo Theater Amateur Night last night. I got 3rd prize and go on next level! I’m gonna perform again next Wednesday May 10th (Wed) Please please come and feel the passion! Welcome the world of funk revelation!!!!

Never retire the life

Here comes May(already a week passed….) Latterly, what I do is… Work, Practice dancing, Study English, Make new Choreo, Organize event, update website,etc…. Literally, so many challenging new things! Thank you, Grateful days!! Do you know the average age of a professional dancer? From some article, It says around 27 years old. A dancer’s career can usually last until his/her early to late 30s, sometimes a few years more. The length of a dancer’s career is very similar to any other professional athlete, depending on the dancer’s individual body and avoidance of injuries (from Atlanta Ballet) So my age is not too young lol In this month, Three-time world champion Mao Asada announces retirement from figure skating From some sports news, and also she mentioned, “She has lost will to compete and is unable to regain top form” 26 years old is not too old. But she has been competing… Read More »Never retire the life

Better than nothing.

Half of March, I wasn’t here in NY. I was in Boston, Vegas, and LA. Spent a great time w/ friends and animals, and nature. After all any trip is pleasant for me. All travels open my mind it has inspired me in so many ways. Actually I took some audition in March too, but the result was not come with. It happens all time, at the time I tried to make myself believe that Something is better than nothing. Something will always be a step further. You never know, maybe this little step, this failure will be the first to begin a great journey. Probably, your nutrition and your weekly gym routine might be slipping. Possibly you get sick, you consumed an entire bottle of wine by yourself and then ate five cookies. Maybe your sleep routine is off and you’re planning a wedding and a big move. You… Read More »Better than nothing.

Everyday Field Trip

Everyday Field Trip Here comes March. Already 2 months passed 2017…. Time goes by so quickly. Have you ever make a complain in any restaurant? I did some time. In my case, the reason is mostly wait too long. Or A foreign object got into the product like hair. Or rude attitude, Cleanliness… But in New York, even we make a complain, 99% nothing changed as you already knows… NYC Subway never ever better. Let’s think why we are disgruntled with something. I think that is from fall short of our expectations. When we are in Mcdonald, it supposed to come less than 3-5 min. We expect that. But if that takes over 10 min… we feel dissatisfaction. If you are in more high-price restaurant like five Michelin-starred, we are enjoying the space and quality. So it depends. Now how about your life? Any complain for your life? If you don’t,… Read More »Everyday Field Trip

As log as we are here…

Here comes Feb! This is my Birthday month! My Dance performance 10 years ago I turned 3● Feb 1st!! and looking back 1o yeas ago that I participate in competition. This video is my first solo performance. Recently in New York of my ●2 ages, I always dancing myself. But at this time I’d never dancing only myself. And this moment obviously changed my life. When I start dancing, I did contemporary dance. And leaned many kinds of dance styles for myself. So it’s kind of weird and funny for me my roots was not street dance, more classical way. But that made me not the same style compared than the others. This piece “IKIGAKARI” means a lot for me. This is my first solo piece and my first get special prize of dance competition. I’ll never forget the moment that I receive a lot of applause from 300-400… Read More »As log as we are here…

In this moment forever.

In this moment forever, be exceptional. Happy New Year!! How’s your year of 2016??? Me, was “good” I don’t want to say the past now, so I will talk the future now!! As I look back now, my selfish Japan tour was start 2013. At first time to launch this project , nobody care what I do. In other words, No one understood what I want to do. But after 3 years, some of my friends and who see my activity through TV, newspaper, friend, or little bird, seem to understand what I want to do now. So my 2017 will… Selfish Europe tour! Selfish US tour!! Selfish entrepreneur to be Dream Maker!!! “You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” –Michael Jordan Before start something, first thing I have to do is imagine follow my excitement feelings. I truly realized from this trip Japan and… Read More »In this moment forever.