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2 weeks 10 countries in Europe

5500Km Road Trip in Europe 10 countries 2 weeks from Paris to Paris. ⁡ 2 weeks 10 countries 1min Traveling to 10 countries for 2 weeks in Europe by car. ⁡ France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Nederland, Belgium, and back to Paris, France. This is my first visit to Europe. “Trying new things is the only way you’re going to learn what your passions are.” ⁡

2022 recap

92 school performances and over 200 performances and lectures There were also experiences that I had never experienced before, such as crossing the United States, performing in South America, and climbing Mt.Fuji January Visited 9 schools to teach dance Februaly Back to The Ride. Japan Fes stage producer March Appeared in Japanese Media Organized NY Entertainment meetup April Crossing USA by car Here is digest↓ Performance Japan Fes New York May Japan Parade, procession of courtesans June Back to Japan and teaching dance over 6 cities July Workshop and Performance I donated my book over 50 schools. August New Experiences Climbing Fuji↓ September Organized and performed “Stage for the future” Stage for the future Niigata Soh Odori Fukushima October Workshops and performances in Paraguay, South America. Paraguay Organized and performed Entertainment Family show November visited 14 schools Shikoku District and Kyogo Cool Japan EXPO in NIIGATA Yamagata… Read More »2022 recap

Dance workshop and speech in Paraguay.

Dance, Talk, and Share Dream. How big the world is! Now I can go anywhere in the world, so DM me if you interested!!