Dance workshop and speech in Paraguay.

Dance, Talk, and Share Dream. How big the world is! Now I can go anywhere in the world, so DM me if you interested!!

My first book is officially out in Japan now!

It is called “The Teenage Bible” The content of this book is everything I wanted to know when I was a teenager. ⁡ I believe the day will come that doing for myself to be useful people someday.

The Ride Schedule 2022, May

Here is my schedule May, 2022 I look forward to seeing you in New York. May 2 night 3 night 4 night 7 matinee, night 10 night 13 night 15 matinee 17 night 20 night 21 matinee, night 24 matinee, night 26 matinee, night 27 matinee, night The Ride is the hit interactive entertainment experience that has taken New York City by storm…the streets of New York are transformed into a stage, and passengers have front row seats. Famous City landmarks are a backdrop to a live show with unparalleled technology, fun facts and amazing street performances.

I’m in Japan Fes as a Stage Producer!

I was officially assigned to be a stage producer for Japan Fes, Japanese community in New York City. Please check this site!