In this moment forever.

In this moment forever, be exceptional. Happy New Year!! How’s your year of 2016??? Me, was “good” I don’t want to say the past now, so I will talk the future now!! As I look back now, my selfish Japan tour was start 2013. At first time to launch this project , nobody care what I do. In other words, No one understood what I want to do. But after 3 years, some of my friends and who see my activity through TV, newspaper, friend, or little bird, seem to understand what I want to do now. So my 2017 will… Selfish Europe tour! Selfish US tour!! Selfish entrepreneur to be Dream Maker!!! “You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” –Michael Jordan Before start something, first thing I have to do is imagine follow my excitement feelings. I truly realized from this trip Japan and… Read More »In this moment forever.

Live, Like to Dance

Live, Like to Dance December has come! The great year of 2016 almost finished! December is the most tourists come to NY of the year. You can’t find out until you come to here, so if you have chance and you’ll see how beautiful it is!! After I came back in NY, fortunately I had performed chance once or twice in a week except my regular job. For dancer, the stage is the most shining place. I realized again I want to increase opportunities to perform from stage side. “You are amazing!” I get that a lot after my performance. Also I happen to talk with my friends for my regular life and I say “I am a dancer in NYC” and then they said to me “That’s so cool!” Of course that something to be glad for me to get encourage words. But for just my opinion, not only… Read More »Live, Like to Dance

Stick to my Faith. Believe My Belief.

Stick to my Faith. Believe My Belief. Finally back in USA! I’ve been 4 months in Japan. Such a long time, but it was one of the greatest experience for me.As you know Japan is not big size of country, but even though I had visited few cities in my life, so I decided to go new cities where I’ve never seen. Before I challenge to the world, I thought I should know what is my origin came from. I visited 21cities in Japan for 4 month, and over 10 cities I never visited before.I feel there is still possibility in Japan for performing arts. Still not enough, that’s the reason there is still chance toward 2020, Tokyo Olympic. Actually this homecoming is because renewal for my Visa. Fortunately I got visa earlier than I expected, so I could focus on my performance and lecture. So now officially I can… Read More »Stick to my Faith. Believe My Belief.

We don’t know what we’re missing.

September! I know it’s already middle of month… But I keep reminding myself, remember that persistence pays off. If I hurl myself into hours of practice, I won’t be able to keep it up for long. Instead, find an amount of free time I feel comfortable setting aside each day, and learn little by little. It’ll add up to a lot. So even late, I just keep posting what I feel and I’m gonna do next month!! In August, I visited over 10 cities in Japan. Half perform, Half just visited. My criteria for choosing is “which one I feel exciting (something)?” Actually I don’t need to go the places if I would love to stay my home for just vacation. But It’s not enough for me. As I said keep doing something for a long time is necessary however it’s different just keep doing the same thing. Do the… Read More »We don’t know what we’re missing.

Big opportunity always by your side.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to challenge. This moment, this gift, this real. Big opportunity always by your side. Will come August! This cover pic is my show coming this September! It “was is will” my dream to dance with him on the same stage, same day. When I saw him Youtube 6 years ago in Japan, I had never been abroad not even once, never taken plain too. But when I saw him on Youtube, I felt “MAYBE I can do this” “WANT stand such a big stage” “DON’T wanna lose my dream” So I decided to quit the secure job that I used to be. I want to seize the OPPORTUNITY. I don’t like to wait to come the CHANCE. If you buy a lottery ticket, there is a teeny, tiny, infinitesimal chance that you win some money. But there’s no opportunity there. There’s no action for… Read More »Big opportunity always by your side.

Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.

I’d like to see myself ten years ago. JULY!! It took 2 weeks since I came back to Japan! I again realized that I want to think a great deal of my friends who I met past. There was my past and there is my present. There is my present and there will be my future.  One of my dream is to meet everyone who met before. This trip in Japan, I will be staying until Oct 20th. Now I feel marvelous. I’m not sure the reason is, but I guess it’s because I deliver message to people that I thought, feeling. When I am in NY, I only focus on myself, I can say that’s selfish. Otherwise overwhelmed by the surrounding circumstances. New Yorker is not easy! I am New Yorker too, so I’m not easy Lol Even a chance acquaintance is decreed by destiny. But I believe we… Read More »Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.

Don't you have something you should have known now?

Here comes June!!! We are almost halfway through this year. How’s your year of 2016 so far? As I mentioned, I will be Japan or around Asia for 4 months. Since I came to NY, I hadn’t enough time to spend with my family, old friends and people who met past. So I want to meet them and share our experiences from school days. I posted last year, But I want to share again why I started speech and performances in school since 2013. — Every year, I go to back to Japan in order to make seminar of my speeches and performance in schools. Mainly I’m going to speak to elementary school kids, but not only kids, also from children to adults, for young and old. Don’t you have something you should have known now? I have. I learned so many things after came to NY. But if I… Read More »Don't you have something you should have known now?

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters

Hi Hi Hi, May is here! I had performance at Boston last week, and I met many artists who live in there. I felt very comfortable. I think it’s because I talked with many artists. They have their own worries about future as a artist. But they are fighting to get their dream. I am struggling too, so that’s why I really sympathize with them. I took some of auditions in Apr, but I couldn’t make it to the next round of any auditions. Life is hard it is. But that makes life interesting. True. Now I have reached to the crossroads in my life. Not so many people can get over the obstacle. If I can’t see my future, imagine it. Only as much as I dream can I be. Actually I had working from January to March as a assistant to CEO. I wondered if I should take… Read More »The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters

Whenever you are in your life, now is the youngest, but now is the oldest.

April is here! New York is 80 degrees between 30 degrees from last week. Ok let’s get crazy. I upload video attached this post. This is about conversation with a person who is a Japanese figure skater. He got 2010 Olympic bronze medalist. I’m honored to be there. I have several performance in this month. One of that is Apollo Theater, Amateur Night on Apr 13th, Wednesday. I’ve performed Apollo more than 10 times from 2011. But this stage is special for me, so I will keep on challenge to this. This always reminds me first resolution. So please come if you want feel crazy night! From this movie, He decide retire as a competitor in the age of 28. Athletes dedicated their life for that and a lot of pressure from expectations of the people. I can’t imagine it. I still fight just for myself. To create anything new,… Read More »Whenever you are in your life, now is the youngest, but now is the oldest.

We are not strong. We are changeable. We are easy to lose our belief.

Here comes middle of March! It already passed 2 weeks in March… But I will keep posting my monthly works! Recently I couldn’t get time to day dreaming, visualizing, envisaging. I need to take time to imagine. Daily training, work, sleep, and do every day routine, Time passes quickly. Maintain something is hard, but develop something is important too. Last week, I shoot a video for some audition. I can’t show you the video right now, but hope we can show you some near day at your convenient place. Also I had a talk to guy who is 2010 Olympic bronze medalist figure skater for some TV production. He retired from competitive skating 2 years ago, but he try to do something new things. Never to late to start anything. I receive positive influence or inspiration from him. BTW I will perform April 26 at Boston, so please come to… Read More »We are not strong. We are changeable. We are easy to lose our belief.