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Even if you can't dream it you can do it

Even if you can’t dream it you can do it   Here is August!! Last year August, I was in my hometown, Japan and I went to beach almost every day. Just 5min from my home so if you have chance to come to Japan, you must come to my hometown!!! Great food, sea, and people.   If you give up it doesn’t mean you never wanted it    Recently, I spend my time with regular work and maintenance my body, also I need I do some soul-searching and figure out what is the next step for my career. Here is one motivation for me   “if I don’t give up I’ll make it”   It’s stronger over time. This is true, but this is wrong. Dreams don’t always come true. Because   The Dream may change.   I still can’t believe I live in NYC as a dancer just right now.… Read More »Even if you can't dream it you can do it

im possible

Here comes July!!   I had a great time in June as always, I met new people, dancing everyday, and still alive.   Last month, I took audition that required some instrument skills. I never played drum even tap is just few times. But when I found this audition info,  some idea crossed my mind.   “I can do this”   There was still 3 weeks until the audition, so I started exposing the problem what I need to do.   What I can do is limited in 3 weeks, however at the time, I want to say if the audition go through or not “There’s nothing more I can do“   So I asked who can play drum and percussion, and went workshop, training everyday for the audition.   “I can do it”   This is magic word. Every time start from this. Any result beyond my control compete others, especially like… Read More »im possible

Performance June 10th @New York University's Skirball Center "Peridance Capezio Center 34th Anniversary Gala"

I will perform New York University’s Skirball Center on June 10th Here is detail, see you there!!! Peridance Capezio Center, led by Founder and Artistic Director Igal Perry, proudly celebrates 34 years of artistic impact, in a one-night gala performance! Join us for this summer extravaganza, celebrating All Things Dance! Stunning performances by Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, Peridance’s Faculty, The Youth Ensemble, The School at Peridance, The Certificate Program and Intensive Semester Students. Ticket Pricing: 
All tickets include a post-performance party at Peridance Capezio Center, where you can meet and greet the dancers, choreographers, teachers, staff, and alumni. $20 Student Ticket $45 General Admission 
$100 Deluxe Ticket
***The Deluxe Ticket includes a $55 tax deductible donation to Peridance Contemporary Dance Company and its affiliated Peridance Youth Ensemble, DELUXE Ticket buyers are invited to attend a pre-performance VIP reception in the Skirball lobby, beginning at 7:45pm


Now we are in June! It already half of 2017.. I’m surprised at how quickly time flies… Last month, I did work as usual ad take some auditions, spent with my friends from Japan, performance in Times Square. At the same time, I got whiplash from have a fit of sneezing… Life has its ups and downs lol ‘Your Dream is my Dream’ This is my Life mission. Since I got whiplash, I had to stay home some days,,, I was thinking about this. I wanted to be a teacher when I’m in Japan, still I want to be. We choose our life before we knew it. In childhood, usually we couldn’t choose. Because we didn’t know what we like or not. So mostly people go public school and meet totally new friends and teachers. Some of them can meet lifetime of friend or teacher. But who knows? For my case,… Read More »YourDreamisMyDream

Performance June 3rd @Grand Central "Japan Fes"

I’m gonna perform at Grand Central,June 3rd,2017. The event Called Japan Fes Please come if you wanna be cool!!!! Japan Fes Detail We’re bringing the first Konamon(flour dishes) Contest! It’s happening June 3 , 2017 #savethedate now JAPANFes feat Konamon Contest (Park Ave btw 38ー40th st): Explore an array of Japanese flour dishes including Takoyaki, Okonomi-Yaki,Yaki-soba, so on. Go head to head to see who will be crowned the first flour dishes in NYC – as voted on by Fes attendees. We’ll also have many other types of delicious Japanese cuisine and Japanese product available. We are seeking food vendors that represent a wide range of Japanese flavors, New York local delicacies, and in between so that our guests can experience as much as possible. So gather your #squad and join us for the KONAMON Contest & Japan Street Fes. filled with: -Best flour dishes vendor Karl’s Balls /… Read More »Performance June 3rd @Grand Central "Japan Fes"

Performance May 29th @Times Square

I’m gonna perform at Times Square, May 29th,2017. My performance will be around 11:30/13:00/15:00 Here is detail!! 【 Time and date】 May 29, 2017 Monday  11:00 ~ 16:00  【 Place】 New York City, USA (The main dance performance area : Times Square in Broadway Plazas 45th – 46th ST) 【Purpose】 【1】 Activation of maintainable “person” -“sightseeing” – “commerce” in the New York area, etc. 【2】 Realization of NY-Tokyo, U.S.-Japan community exchange and cultural exchanges 【3】 The spread of diversity and the changing festivals 【 Participant】 DREAM YOSACOY official team, japanese yosacoy dance teams  NewYork yosacoy dance team  ( total 3 ~ 4 team/50persons) 【 Contents】 【1】The dance performance of each japanese and american yosacoy dance teams 【2】Spectator participatory type dance performance experience corner, the related plan 【3】Part of the present Japanese culture introduction, Collaboration of NY culture and Yosacoy 【 Holding organization】Dream Yosacoy Festival Global Promotion Foundation