All begins with misunderstanding.

Happy New Year…!!! I know it’s still 2014, but I guess I can’t get time around New Year’s day, so I will make a flying start toward 2015!! I have a show the last day of the year, so that’s will the last day of performance for the year. Busy is always good!! How’s your year of 2014?  Start of 2014, I made a yearly goal, and more than half of that were come true. But still there are need to do(instead so many things couldn’t imagine) . So 2015, I will decide upon a definite goal. I will live the best life day by day. This year would be the challenging year for me. To use 29 year’s my experience, I will be more exciting way. It’s never too late to start. Because, if you want to start something, you can start that. If you can’t do that, you… Read More »All begins with misunderstanding.